1) sky
2) to be on fire:
– Ég a (te) házad. – Your house is on fire. :((
..the word “te” can be left out, because the ending “d” of the word “házad” indicates that it is “your” house that is on fire.

Az ott a te házad. – That there is your house.
Az a ház a tiéd. – That house is yours.

Géza, kék az ég.
– This sentence is a famous palindrome. It can be translated as “Géza, the sky is blue.”

égbolt – sky-scape
éghajlat – climate
égöv, éghajlati öv – climate zone
égitest – astronomical object; Literally: a body of/from the sky
Ég veled! – Goodbye for now!; Literally: Let the sky be with you!


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