ál vs. áll || szál vs. száll || hal vs. hall

ál vs. áll || szál vs. száll || hal vs. hall

ál – false; fake; sham; phoney; make-believe
1) chin
2) he/she/it is standing

állni – to stand


1) thread
2) fiber; fibre

1) to fly, soar
(e.g.: A madár magasan száll. – The bird flies high.)
2) to pass (especially the time)
(e.g.: Gyorsan száll az idő. – The time is passing rapidly.)
3) to settle (-ra/-re)
(e.g.: A madár egy faágra szállt. – The bird alighted on a tree branch.)
4) a heritage gets into somebody’s ownership (-ra/-re)
(e.g.: Az örökség rám száll. – I get the heritage.)
5) to get into something (-ba/-be, -ra/-re)
(e.g.: Kocsiba szálltak. – They got into a car.)
(e.g.: Hajóra szálltak. – They boarded a ship.)

szállni – to fly


1) fish
2) he/she/it dies

1) he/she/it hears
2) lounge

hallani – to hear


A good way to remember when to write double L in these words is:::
– when you are standing, you are standing using both your feet. Two feet – two L letters. (állni)
– when something is flying, it uses two wings to fly. Two wings – two L letters. (szállni)
– when you hear something, you hear it with both ears. Two ears – two L letters. (hallani)


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