balodon / jobbodon

‘a balodon’ vs. ‘a jobbodon’

a balodon – on your left (side)
(e.g.: Ki az a lány a balodon ezen a fényképen? – Who is that girl on your left (side) on this photo?)
a balomon – on my left (side)

a jobbodon – on your right (side)
a jobbomon – on my right (side)


balom – my left (side)
balod – your left (side)
balja – his/her/its left (side)
balunk – our left (side)
balotok – your left (side)
baluk; baljuk – their left (side)

jobbom – my right (side)
jobbod – your right (side)
jobbja – his/her/its right (side)
jobbunk – our right (side)
jobbotok – your right (side)
jobbuk; jobbjuk – their right (side)


a bal oldaladon – on your left side
a jobb oldalamon – on my right side

bal – left
1) right (side, hand, …)
2) better

1) side
2) page (of a book)


baleset – accident
1) case; event
2) affair; business; matter
3) story; tale
4) (grammar) case

balszerencse – bad luck
szerencse – luck


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