Család – part 2

*** PART 2 ***
(rokonság – kinship)

unokatestvér – cousin (son or daughter of a person’s uncle or aunt)

másodunokatestvér; dédunokatestvér – cousin of your cousin (one of your grandparent’s sibling’s grandchild)

harmadunokatestvér; ükunokatestvér – cousin of your cousin’s cousin (one of your great-grandparent’s sibling’s great-grandchild)

..usually it is enough to know those expressions above 😀
I myself am in contact with my cousins and cousins of my cousin and know my cousins of my cousin’s cousins.


negyedunokatestvér; szépunokatestvér – cousin of your cousin’s cousin’s cousin (one of your great-great-grandparent’s sibling’s great-great-grandchild)

ötödunokatestvér – cousin of your cousin’s cousin’s cousin’s cousin (one of your great-great-great-grandparent’s sibling’s great-great-great-grandchild)
° °

nagybácsi; nagybátya; bátya – your mother’s or father’s brother
nagynéni; nene – your mother’s or father’s sister

nagy-nagybácsi – your grandmother’s or grandfather’s brother
nagy-nagynéni – your grandmother’s or grandfather’s sister

dédnagybácsi – your great-grandmother’s or great-grandfather’s brother
dédnagynéni – your great-grandmother’s or great-grandfather’s sister

üknagybácsi – your great-great-grandmother’s or great-great-grandfather’s brother
üknagynéni – your great-great-grandmother’s or great-great-grandfather’s sister

szépnagybácsi – your great-great-great-grandmother’s or great-great-grandfather’s brother
szépnagynéni – your great-great-great-grandmother’s or great-great-grandfather’s sister

ősnagybácsi – your great-great-great-great-grandmother’s or great-great-grandfather’s brother
ősnagynéni – your great-great-great-great-grandmother’s or great-great-grandfather’s sister

° °

férj – husband
feleség – wife

sógor – brother-in-law
sógornő – sister-in-law

após – father-in-law (spouse’s mother)
anyós – mother-in-law (spouse’s mother)

nászúr – your child’s father-in-law
nászasszony – your child’s mother-in-law

meny – daughter-in-law
vő – son-in-law

ángy; ángyok – some male relative’s wife


Check out part 1 here.



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