éhes – hungry
1) hungry (archaic)
2) hunger (archaic)

éhség – hunger (need for food)
éhínség – famine (extreme shortage of food in a region)

étlen (not comparable) – of hunger, with hunger
étel – food
étlen-szomjan – without food or drink

farkaséhes (not comparable) – (idiomatic) extremely hungry
(e.g.: farkaséhes vagyok – I could eat a horse, I’m starving)

farkaséhség – ravenous appetite
farkas – wolf
1) tail
2) (vulgar) penis

jóllakott – full, satisfied (not hungry)
jóllakni – to eat that much and so tasty that you are feeling good and not hungry

jó – good

Éhes vagyok. – I am hungry.
Éhen vagyok. – I am on hunger. / I am hungry. (archaic form)

vok; vaok – vagyok (in slang – texting)


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