is a Hungarian language game in which the words might contain only the vowel e, but one must still speak correct Hungarian.
Six out of the 10 Hungarian dialects have two kinds of short e sounds ë [e] and e [ɛ], and because of this their Eszperente is more melodic. 🙂

Kedvem lelem ezen bejegyzésekben. – I like these posts.
Eszperente nyelven kell ezt jellemeznem. – I have to describe this in Eszperente language.
“Ember ne nevess, mert szerzek egy embertelen szerkezetet, sereged egyenesen mennybe megy!” ~ Akkezdet Phiai

– Human don’t laugh, or I’ll get an inhuman machine, and your army will go to Heaven!

The main character of this puppet movie, Mekk Elek, mostly speaks Eszperente. Watch it here.

mekk – the sound the goats make
ezermester – man-of-all-work
ezer – thousand
mester – master

A player of the reality show “Való Világ” (real world) speaks here. (starts at 0:31)
Eszperente rap song:::

Another piece of Eszperente rap from 0:24:::

This song is interesting, because the rapper-poet wrote the song the way that every verse features words only with one particular vowel. You can find the lyrics under the video.

Eszperente school-leaving speech:::



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