food-oriented (slang) phrases in Hungarian [PART 1]

food-oriented (slang) phrases in Hungarian [PART 1]:::

perecelni (SYN.: leesni; eltaknyolni; eltaccsolni)
– to fall (down).
-> perec – pretzel
“A Józsi tényleg perecelt az új mocijával?” – “Did Józsi really fall with his new motorbike?”
moci; motorbicikli – motorbike
Józsi, Jozsó, József – Joseph

– walking around/about in a place with no specific destination; slowly moving to one direction.
-> kolbász – sausage
“Egész nap a városban kolbászoltam.” – “I was walking about the town the whole day.”

rizsázni (SYN.: hantázni; mellébeszélni)
– to talk about irrelevant things; to talk beside the point; to waffle about/on something.
-> rizsa; rizs – rice

megrépázni valakit (18+)
– to make sex with her.
-> répa – carrot; beet
sárgarépa – carrot
fehérrépa; petrezselyem – parsley
cukorrépa – sugar beet
vadrépa – Daucus

megmogyorózni valakit (18+)
– to make sex with him; mainly::: to play with his testicles.
-> mogyoró – hazelnut

– to waste time.
-> tök
1) pumpkin
2) male genital (18+)

lekenyerezni valakit
– to make someone satisfied/pleased by giving him/her something while you are expecting him/her giving you back something; (to please someone)
lekenyerezés – appeasement
-> kenyér – bread

kukoricázni valakivel (SYN.: játszadozni valakivel)
– to make fool of somebody;
For example when you have a smaller brother and you keep saying to him that if he does this and that to you (cleans your room; writes your homework; ..) then you will give him some money, but in fact you never give him anything.
-> kukorica – corn

tejelni (SYN.: fizetni)
– to pay some money.
-> tej – milk

– to take (away) some money from somebody by hitting them or using other methods to convince them that it is better if they give you their money.
-> sajt – cheese

levajazni (SYN.: lezsírozni; lefizetni; megegyezni)
– to make a deal; (to pay down).
-> vaj – butter
zsír – fat (not like “he is so fat”)

be lenni sózva
– be van sózva – he/she is antsy.
-> só – salt


Mennyi az idő? vs. Milyen az idő?

Mennyi az idő? – What’s the time?
Milyen az idő? – What’s the weather?

mennyi? – how much?
amennyi – that much; as much as
1) what kind of?
2) how much? (Milyen nagy a házatok? – How big is your house?)
amilyen – such as; as
1) time
2) weather (also as “időjárás”)

időjárásjelentés – weather report
időjárás előrejelzés – weather forecast
előrejelezni – to predict; (to forecast)
jelezni – to signify, to signal, to indicate; to mark
1) forward, ahead (space)
2) in advance, in anticipation (time)


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