Hungarian nicknames #1

ANITA (female)
– Ancsa, Ancsi, Pancsi, Anitus, Nitus, Nita

DOROTTYA (female)
– Dóri, Dóra, Dorka, Dotti, Dórika

ISTVÁN (male)
– Istvi, Isti, Pisti, Pista, Pityu, Istók, Istike, Pistike, Pistuka, Pityuka

JÁNOS (male)
– Jani, Jancsi, Janesz, Jankó, Janika, Jancsika, Jánoska

JÚLIA (female)
– Julcsi, Julcsa, Julis, Juliska, Julcsika, Juli, Juci, Juca, Jucus

KÁROLY (male)
– Karesz, Karcsi, Kareszka, Karcsika, Kari, Káró

KATALIN (female)
– Kata, Kati, Katica, Katika, Katinka, Katka, Kató, Katus
(‘katica’ is the short form of the word ‘katicabogár’, which means ‘ladybug’)

MÁRIA (female)
– Marcsa, Marcsi, Maris, Mari, Marika, Mariska, Maresz
(‘mariska’ is one of the words used in slang for marijuana)

PÉTER (male)
– Peti, Petike, Péterke, Petya, Petyó, Petykó

The names with the -ka/-ke suffix are mainly used for calling kids.


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