Hungarian proverbs #1

“Csöbörből vödörbe.” / “Cseberből vederbe.”

“From the can into the bucket.”

English equivalent::: Out of the frying pan into the fire.

Meaning::: While trying to avoid a bad situation one might end up in an even worse situation.

csöbör; cseber – vat, bucket, pail
vödör; veder; rocska – bucket
(rocska is only used in some dialects)

szólás – saying; phrase; idiom
mondás – saying; phrase
szólásmondás – common saying, proverb, adage
közmondás – proverb; adage
szállóige – adage

1) to say (something); to speak; to talk
2) to be about, handle
“Miről szól ez a mese?” – “What is this tale about?”
3) to notify, apprise, let somebody know, call
“Majd szólok neki.” – “I will inform/notify/tell him/her.”
4) to react, tell an opinion
“Mit szólsz hozzá?” – “What do you think about it?”
“Mit szólnál…” – “What would you say…”
mondani – to say; to tell
szállni – to fly; to soar
ige – verb
repülni – to fly

monda – legend; saga
mende-monda – scuttlebutt; hearsay


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