Hungarian proverbs #10

Ki korán kel, aranyat lel.
[ˈki koraːn kɛl ɑrɑɲɑt lɛl]

Translation::: Who gets up early, finds gold.
You know.. time is money. If you get up early, you will have a lot of time.. (actual meaning: one who works diligently and acts without delay, will go a long way).

Meaning::: The early bird gets the worm.

aki [ˈɑki] – who; he/she, who…
ki [ˈki]
1) out
2) who (mostly used only in question, or in poems)

korán [ˈkoraːn]
1) early (at a time before expected)
2) soon (also used as “hamar”; “hamarosan”; “nemsokára”)

korai [ˈkorɑi] – early (adjective)
kora [ˈkorɑ]
1) early (near the start or beginning)
[e.g.: kora nyár – early summer]

2) early (at a time in advance of the usual or expected event)
[e.g.: kora halál – an early deat]

3) his/her/its age
– Age? – Kora?
– 20 years. – 20 év.]

kelni [ˈkɛlni] – to rise
kel [ˈkɛl]
1) he/she/it is getting up
2) savoy (also as “fodorkel”)
3) the raw flour(ed) dough/paste is in the process of becoming bigger

felkel [ˈfelkɛl] – he/she/it gets out of the bed
felkelni [ˈfelkɛlni]
1) to get up; to get out of bed
2) to rise

arany [ˈɑrɑɲ] – gold
lel [ˈlɛl] – he/she/it gets up
lelni [ˈlɛlni] – to find (archaic expression)
találni [ˈtɑlaːlni]
1) to find
2) to hit (to manage to touch, strike, shoot etc. in the right place)


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