Hungarian proverbs #13

Ennek se füle, se farka. [ˈɛnːɛk ʃe fyle ʃe fɑrkɑ]
It has neither an ear, nor a tail.
It makes no sense.
ez [ˈɛz] – this
ennek [ˈɛnːɛk] – this has; of this; for this
[e.g.: Ennek sosem lesz vége! – This will never be over. / This has no end. / This will never have an end.]
[e.g.: Ennek a ruhának olyan jó a színe. – This piece of cloth has such good color.]
fül [ˈfyl] – ear
farok [ˈfɑrok] – tail
se … se; sem … sem [ˈʃem ʃem] – neither … nor
se; sem [ˈʃem] – neither

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