Hungarian proverbs #2

“Sok víz lefolyik még addig a Dunán.”

Translation::: “A lot of water will flow in the Danube until that event.”

Meaning::: “That event is still far away (in the future).”

sok – lot of; much; many
víz – water
lefolyni – to flow (down); ((to) lapse)
folyni – to flow
1) still; yet
2) even (“még több” – “even more”)
addig – until then; as long as
addig, amíg – as long as
míg; amíg – till; until; as long as
Duna – Danube

esemény; eset – event
messze – far (distant from something); far away
messzire – far (to a direction OR without any direction “just far”)
távol – away; far
táv; távolság – distance

jövő – future
1) future (archaic expression)
(“tulevaisuus” in Finnish)
2) something that is coming; some thing that is going to happen (/come)
– can be said as “eljövő” too.

jönni – to come
(“tulla” in Finnish)
eljönni – to come (along); to leave a certain place for the purpose of coming here

múlt – past
elmúlt – it has already happened (it cannot be brought back); it is over

jelen – present
jelenleg – currently
jelenlét – presence (“läsnäolo” in Finnish)
jelenség – phenomenon (the existential reality of “something”; not “nothing”)

ajándék – present (as gift); gift; donation


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