Hungarian proverbs #20

Egyetek, vegyetek, hadd nőjön a begyetek!
[ˈeɟɛtek veɟɛtek hɑdː nøːjøn ɑ beɟɛtek]

It is just a short saying, which we may say to our guests or children to encourage them to take as many from the food we have prepared for lunch/dinner as they wish. 🙂
Could be translated as ”Eat, take, let your crop grow!”.

enni – to eat
1) to buy
2) to take

hadd – let; please (usually to a verb in subjunctive (imperative) mood, but indicative is also possible in some cases)
[e.g.: Hadd jöjjön ő is! – Let him come, too!]
[e.g.: Hadd nézzem meg! – Let me see it.]

nőni – to grow
nő [ˈnøː]
1) woman
2) he/she/it grows

begy [ˈbeɟ] – crop; craw (a pouch-like part of the alimentary tract of some birds)


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