Hungarian proverbs #21

A látszat néha csal.
A látszat csal.

Translation::: Appearance sometimes cheats. OR Appearance cheats.

Meaning::: You should not believe everything you see. Sometimes the things work the opposite way than you think. Sometimes a thing you think is good, in fact is a bad one.


látszat – appearance (some kind of illusion is often implied)
1) to be visible
(e.g.: A hegyről az egész város látszik. – The whole city can be seen from the mountain.)
2) to seem; to appear; to look like something (-nak/-nek)
(e.g.: Jónak látszik. – It ‘seems’ to be good.)
látszik – it is visible; it seems

átlátszani – to show through; to be transparent
1) see-through; transparent
2) obvious (with easy-to-see background intentions)

látni – to see
látszó; látszódó – (it) can be seen

° °

néha – sometimes

csalni – to cheat; to deceive
csali – bait
csalás – fraud
1) deceptive; illusory [Adjective]
2) deceitful; fraudulent [Adjective]
3) deceiver; cheat; fraud [Noun]

csalódni – to be disappointed
csalódást okoz – to disappoint
1) disappointment
2) illusion
csalódott – disappointed


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