Hungarian proverbs #8

Ne fesd az ördögöt a falra, mert megjelenik.
[ˈne fɛʃd ɑz ørdøgøt ɑ fɑlrɑ mɛrt megjɛlɛnik]
Don’t paint the devil on the wall or he will appear.
Don’t talk about it or it will happen.
Don’t talk about him/her or he/she will appear.
festeni [ˈfɛʃtɛni]
1) to paint
2) to dye
3) to look somehow
[e.g.: Hogy fest? – What does it look like?]
ördög [ˈørdøg] – devil
fal [ˈfɑl] – wall
megjelenni [ˈmegjɛlɛnːi] – to appear
eltűnni [ˈɛltyːnːi] – to disappear
megtörténni [ˈmegtørteːnːi] – to occur; to take place (; to happen)

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