Hungarian proverbs #9

Nem kényszer a disznótor.

Translation::: The pig slaughter is not compulsory. / The pig slaughter is not a compulsion/necessity/need.

Meaning::: You don’t have to do it.

kényszer – compulsion; urge; force; necessity
szükség – need; necessity
kényszeríteni – to force (someone to do something); to press; to put the screw on

disznó – pig
sertés – hog; swine; pig

disznótor – pig slaughter
disznóölés – pigsticking (sometimes used just as “disznótor”)
disznóvágás – pigstabbing (sometimes used just as “disznótor”)

tor – meal, repast (ceremonial meal held after funerals)
(e.g.: halotti tor – funeral feast)
(e.g.: disznótor – meal on pig-killing day)

ölni – to kill; to slay
1) he/she is killing; he/she kills
2) lap (of a person)
3) fathom
megölni – to kill (put to death)

1) to cut
2) to hit; to throw
3) (slang) to know; to understand
(e.g.: Vágod? – You got it? / Do you understand it?)

vaddisznó – wild boar
vad – wild

sündisznó; sün; süni – hedgehog

öleb – lapdog

eb – dog
kutya – dog


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