Hungarian tongue twisters #10

Azt mondták a hatalmasok: akinek hat alma sok, az már elég hatalmas ok, hogy ne legyen hatalma sok!

The powerful/mighty said, that the people for whom six apples are a lot, that is already a huge reason why they shall not be powerful/mighty.

mondani – to say; to tell
1) huge
2) powerful; mighty

aki – who; that
hat – six
alma – apple
sok – a lot; lot of; much; many
az – that
már – already; yet
elég – enough
ok – reason; cause
hogy – so that; so; that
ne legyen – shall not be
mindenható – almighty
sokk – shock
ez – this
hogy?; hogyan? – how?

because – mert; azért, … mert; mivel
because of that – amiatt
because of this – emiatt
particular – bizonyos


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