Hungarian tongue twisters #3


Egy icike-picike pocok pocakon pöckölt egy másik icike-picike pockot, mire a pocakon pöckölt icike-picike pocok is jól pocakon pöckölte az őt pocakon pöckölő icike-picike pockot.
[ˈeɟ itsikɛ pitsikɛ potsok potsɑkon pøtskølt eɟ maːʃik itsikɛ pitsikɛ potskot, mirɛ  ɑ potsɑkon pøtskølt itsikɛ pitsikɛ potsok iʃ joːl potsɑkon pøtskølte ɑz øːt potsɑkon pøtskøløː itsikɛ pitsikɛ potskot]

A tiny little vole poked the tummy of another tiny little vole, then the tiny little vole who got his tummy poked also poked the tummy of the tiny little vole who had poked his tummy.

icike-picike – very little; tiny little; tiny
pocok – vole
pöckölni – to poke; to knuckle; to flick
egy másik – another; some other
második – second
első – first
mire – whereof; whereon; onto what; “because it happened, then.. (it happened too)”
pocak – tummy
gyomor – stomach
– good
jól – good enough; nicely; well; right
is – too; also
szintén – too; aswell; also
ő – him/her(/it – we rather use the word “az” for it)
az – that; it
ez – this

Photo (© Caters News Agency)


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