illő vs. illó

illő vs. illó

1) (so) nice to do; proper; appropriate
(e.g.: Nem illő az embereket vizes lufival a balkonról dobálni. – It is not so nice to drop water balloons on the people from the balcony.)
2) appropriate; relevant; right
3) fitting; fit; suitable
[e.g.: nem az időszakhoz illő – unseasonable]
[e.g.: katonához nem illő – unsoldierly]
[e.g.: helyzethez/alkalomhoz illő – suitable to the occasion]

1) to suit, to fit
2) to be proper (in terms of manners)
1) it suits; it fits
2) it is proper

illanni; elillanni
1) to disappear
2) to run away
illan; elillan
1) it disappears
2) it runs away

illó – volatile
illanó – volatile; evanescent
illékony – volatile

illóolaj – essential oil

illat – fragrance

lufi – balloon (used in slang and by the children)
léggömb – balloon [Literally::: air sphere]
ballon – balloon

1) air, atmosphere
2) air-, aerial (in compound words)

lég; levegő – air

lebegő – floating
lebegni – to float
lebeg – he/she/it is floating; he/she/it floats


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