Jó éjt!

Jó éjszakát! – Good night!

jó – good
éjszaka – night; at night
1) part (of day, year)
2) department (of university)
4) profession

éj – night
éjjel – at night

éjfél – midnight
1) half
2) he/she/is afraid; fears
félni – to be afraid of; to fear

éji; éjjeli – nightly; nocturnal; night-


Jó éjt! – Good night!
Jó éccakát! – Good night! (slang, dialect or bad grammar knowledge :D)
Jóccakát! – Good night! (slang)
Jóccak! – Good night! (slang)
Jó8! – Good night! (slang – used in writing)
– the 8 here is pronounced as the English ‘eight’, which as pronounced sounds like ‘éjt’ 🙂


Nyugodalmas jó éjszakát! – May you have a peaceful good night!

nyugodalmas – peaceful
nyugodt – calm; peaceful, tranquil

1) to rest
2) to set (the sun)

1) he/she/it rests
2) it sets


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