I need to learn how to write the question mark upside down, because I am learning Spanish, hooray! 😀

Meg kell tanulnom hogyan kell a kérdőjelet fejjel lefelé írni, mert spanyolul tanulok, hurrá! 😀


kell – to be needed; the verb used to express need or having to do something.
tanulni – to learn
hogyan; hogy – how

kérdés – question
kérdőjel – question mark
jel – mark; sign

fejjel lefelé – upside down
(Literally::: with head down)
fej – head
le; lefelé; lefele – down (to that direction)

írni – to write
1) he/she/it writes; he/she/it is writing
2) Irish (wo)man; Irish language

mert – because
spanyol – Spanish (language or (wo)man)


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