Lot of words for one thing #13

Miért itatod az egereket? – Why are you crying?
[Literally::: Why are you giving drinks to the mice?]

könnyezni – to cry
pityeregni – to cry
pityogni; picsogni – to cry (mainly used by the children)
itatni az egereket – to cry
sírni – to cry
ríni – to cry (archaic / dialectical)
zokogni – to cry
bőgni – to cry

The strength of the words, how much the person is crying (from left to right they get stronger):::
könnyezik -> pityereg -> pityog | picsog -> itatja az egereket -> sír | rí -> zokog -> bőg


könny – tear
itatni – to give drink
itat – he/she is giving drink (to somebody)
iszik – he/she is drinking
inni – to drink


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