Lot of words for one thing #3


cipő – shoe
cipellő – shoe (rather used for shoes for women)
lábbeli – shoe
1) pike (Esox lucius)
2) shoe (used in slang)
félcipő – shoe; (oxford shoe)
topán; topánka – shoe (used in slang)
1) sandal, kind of moccasin
2) shoe (used in slang)

“lábbeli” is a nice word that means “your foot should be put in there” or “your foot belongs there”. “lábbeli” is like the archaic version of the not-really-used word “lábbele”.
láb – foot; leg
bele – therein; into; into something; to inside of something

1) half
2) he/she is afraid
1) (intransitive) to fear, to be afraid of something (-tól/-től)
(e.g.: Félsz a pókoktól? – Are you afraid of spiders?)
2) (transitive, archaic) to fear something (-t/-at/-et/-ot/-öt)
(e.g.: Nem félem a jövőt! – I don’t fear the future!)

szandál – sandal
1) sandal
2) (engineering) shoe


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