megölni vs. megölelni

Öleld meg!
– Hug him/her!
Öld meg! – Kill him/her!

Megöleltem. – I hugged him/her.
Megöltem. – I killed him/her.

megölelni – to hug
megölni – to kill (to put to death)


ölelni [ˈølɛlni] – to hug (as ‘to be hugging’); to embrace
ölelés [ˈølɛleːʃ] – (a) hug; hugging; cuddling
ölelkezni [ˈølɛlkezni] – to snug; to cuddle
ölelkezés [ˈølɛlkezeːʃ] – snog; cuddle; snogging; cuddling

ölni [ˈølni] – to kill
ölés [ˈøleːʃ] – killing
öldökölni [ˈøldøkølni] – to massacre; to slaughter
öldöklés [ˈøldøkleːʃ] – massacre; slaughter


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