1) with everyone, all, together (usually of persons)
(e.g.: Mind összegyűltek a ház előtt. – They all (together) gathered in front of the house.)
2) all of them, everyone, each of them (grammatically singular)
(e.g.: Milyenek a fogaid? – Nem jók, de még mind megvan. – How are your teeth? – They are not perfect, but I still have all of them.)
3) all of it (accusative case)
(e.g.: Mind megettem. – I ate all of it.)
4) continually, continuously (used with comparative form)
(e.g.: Mind nagyobb igény van erre a szolgáltatásra. – There is more and more demand for this service.)

mindig – always

mindaddig – as long as; so long as
(it mostly used in the form::: “mindaddig, amíg”)

mindeddig – up to now; so far; as yet

mindamellett – nevertheless; however; notwithstanding
mindemellett – nevertheless

mindaz – all; all those; all that
mindez – all; all these; all this

1) everything
2) every

mindenem – my all
(e.g.: Te vagy a mindenem. – You are my all. (/ my everything))

mindenes – odd-job man; utility man

mindenki – everyone

1) irrelevant; unimportant
2) whatever; nevermind

mindegyik – every one; each; each of
mindenik – archaic version of “mindegyik”

mindenáron – cost what it may; by hook or by crook; by fair means or foul; by any means; at any price; at all hazards; at all costs

mindenesetre – in any case; leastwise; at any rate; at all events; anyway

mindenestül – root and branch; with everything; neck and crop; lock stock and barrell

mindenféle; mindenfajta – all sort of; various
mindenfelé; mindenhova – eachwhere; everywhere

mindenekelőtt – pre-eminently; of all things; first thing; first of all; above all

mindenható – almighty

mindenhol – everywhere
mindenhogyan; mindenhogy – everyway; everyhow
mindenkor; mindig – everytime
mindenhova – eachwhere

mindjárt – instantly; in an instant; immediately; forthwith; at once; promptly; right away
(e.g.: Mindjárt itt a karácsony! – Christmas is right around the corner!)
(e.g.: Mindjárt megyek! – I’ll be there right away!)

mindannyian; mindnyájan – everyone; all; all of us

mindössze – altogether; all told; no more than; all in all


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