Túró Rudi

any of you knows / has eaten Túró Rudi? :))

..it is awesome! Whenever you appear in Hungary be sure to buy some! ;))
túró – cottage cheese
sajt – cheese
pötty; petty – dot; spot; fleck
pöttyös; pettyes – dotted; spotted
1) dot; full stop
2) spot
3) right; exactly (“pont most” – “right now”)
4) just (“pont akkor, amikor” – “just when”)
5) point


kettőspont – colon
pontosvessző – semicolon
1) comma (punctuation mark)
2) cane
3) dash
4) a) rod (or “rúd”, “bot”)
b) stave (or “pálca”, “léc”, “bot”)
c) stick (or “bot”, “husáng”, “gally”, “ág”, “rőzse”, “fütykös”)
d) wand (or “pálca”)

ág – sprig; twig
gally – twig; bough
nád – cane; reed
1) point of view, point (opinion which adds to the discussion)
2) aspect, regard, respect

súlypont – centroid
célpont – target
mélypont – nadir
központ – center
középpont – center
képpont – pixel

szem – eye
súly – weight
1) target
2) purpose

mély – deep
közép – middle; center
kép – picture; image

reklám – advertisement; commercial
várni – to wait
várni valakire – to wait for someone
1) still; yet
2) even (“még több” – “even more”)


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