[ˈkerestrɛjtveːɲfɛjteːʃ] – crossword solving; crossword game solving
keresztrejtvény – crossword; crossword game

That smart crossword solving donkey is Füles (Eared) from the Füles rejtvénymagazin​. 🙂

1) cross
2) A text character (†) that is used for footnotes, and to signify death.
3) [religion] crucifix (on which Jesus died)

rejtvény – puzzle (anything difficult to understand or make sense of)
rejteni – to hide
rejt – he/she/it hides; he/she/it is hiding

fejtés – solving
1) to solve
2) to mine; to quarry
[e.g. kőolajat fejteni – to quarry/mine for petroleum]


megfejtés – solution
1) to solve, resolve (to find a solution to)
2) to decode, decipher, break, crack (a code)
3) to find out, unravel (a secret)

rejtély – mystery (something secret or unexplainable)
rejtélyes – mysterious

kőolaj – petroleum
[Literally::: stone oil]


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