I came home after passing my exams and staying here until the next week when the new semester starts.. and guess what we had for lunch today 🙂


gulyásleves [ˈgujaːʃlɛvɛʃ]

gulyás [ˈgujaːʃ]
1) a herdsman
2) Goulash, a traditional Hungarian dish, a thick soup made of meat and potatoes, spiced with paprika.

gulya [ˈguja] – herd (of cows)

leves [ˈlɛvɛʃ] – soup
1) liquid
2) juice
3) gravy
4) money (used in slang)


lőre [ˈløːrɛ] – juice; drink (archaic)
lő [ˈløː]
1) liquid (dialectical)
2) juice; drink (dialectical)
3) he/she/it is shooting; he/she/it shoots
lőni [ˈløːni] – to shoot


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