Slang expressions #4

Slang expressions #4

Húzzál bőrt a fogadra!
Húzz bőrt a fogadra!

Translation::: Pull skin onto your tooth! / Drag some skin onto your tooth!

Meaning::: Shut up!
(it is a rude and impolite expression)


1) to pull; draw
2) to drag; haul

bőr – skin; leather

fogak – teeth
1) (anatomy) tooth
(e.g.: Ez a fog lyukas. – This tooth has a cavity.)
2) tooth; cog
(e.g.: Egy átlagos hegyikerékpár hátsó fogaskerekein rendre 11, 13, 15, 18, 21, 24, 34 fogak vannak. – There are 11, 13, 15, 18, 21, 24 and 34 teeth on a standard mountain bike’s rear sprockets.)
3) tooth (a sharp projection on a saw or similar implement)
(e.g.: Az egyik foga hiányzik a fűrésznek. – One of the saw’s teeth is missing.)
4) will; going to (indicating future)
(e.g.: Esni fog. – It will be raining.)
5) he/she/it grasps/grips/holds
6) he/she/it catches/takes/receives

1) to grasp; to grip; to hold
(e.g: A fiú egy almát fog a kezében. – The boy is holding an apple in his hand.)
2) to catch; to take; to receive
(e.g.: A macska egeret fogott. – The cat caught a mouse.
Fogta a pénzt és elment. – He took the money and left.
Nem tudom fogni az adást a tv-ben. – I can’t receive signals on the TV.)


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