horgol vs. horkol

horgolni [ˈhorgolni] – to crochet
horgol [ˈhorgol] – he/she/it crochets; he/she/it is crocheting
horgoló [ˈhorgoloː] – someone or something that crochets/is crocheting
horgolás [ˈhorgolaːʃ] – crocheting

horkolni [ˈhorkolni] – to snore
horkol [ˈhorkol] – he/she/it snores; he/she/it is snoring
horkoló [ˈhorkoloː] – someone or something that snores/is snoring
horkolás [ˈhorkolaːʃ] – snoring


horgolótű [ˈhorgoloːtyː] – crochet-hook; crochet needle
tű [ˈtyː] – needle


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