eső – rain
(Literally::: something that falls; something that is falling)

1) to fall
2) to rain

1) he/she/it falls; he/she/it is falling
2) it rains; it is raining

esernyő – umbrella
[eső + ernyő]
ernyő – umbrella (for rain); shade (for sun)


ejtőernyőzés – parachuting
ejtőernyő – parachute
1) to drop
2) to catch (while hunting)
3) to pronounce

1) he/she/it drops
2) he/she/it catches
3) he/she/it pronounces

képernyő – screen
1) picture
2) image
3) frame

lámpaernyő – lampshade
lámpa – lamp

napernyő – sunshade; parasol
nap – sun

siklóernyőzés – paragliding
siklóernyő – paraglider
siklani – to glide; to slide; to crawl (snake)
siklik – he/she/it glides/slides; it crawls
1) gliding; sliding
2) funicular
3) ramp; slope
4) grass snake (Natrix natrix)


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