vagány vs. vágány

vagány vs. vágány

1) tough; rough; cool; rough-neck [adjective]
2) tough; hoodlum [noun]

1) rail track
2) platform (structure for waiting for a train)


1) rail track that leads nowhere
2) life style that leads nowhere
[Everyone has kept telling you that your life style does not have a future, but you keep doing what you do.. disagreeing with and ignoring everyone’s opinion.. but in the end you realise that they were right and that you are done, that your life has no meaning and/or cannot work they way you had thought it could. – Vakvágányon vagy.]

vak – blind
világtalan – blind; slightless; visionless
[Literally::: someone without sight]

1) world
2) (archaic, dialectal) illumination; light; brightness; sight

1) light
2) shine


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