Hungarian quips #1

Hungarian quips #1

Ha a mókusnak olyan feje lenne, mint neked, már rég magára gyújtotta volna az erdőt.

Translation::: If the squirrel had a head/face like yours, he would have long ago set the forest on fire with him inside (the forest).

Meaning::: You are ugly.


ha – if
mókus – squirrel
olyan – such; that; that kind of
1) head
2) face (only in some context)

lenne – if it were
lesz – it will be
mint – than; as…as; like
neked (van) – you (have)

már – already; yet
rég; régen – long ago; long time ago

1) himself/herself/itself
2) you (formal, singular)
magára gyújtani valamit – to set something on fire with him/her being inside that building/place
1) to light; kindle (a fire)
2) to spark; to fire

volna – third-person singular conditional present indefinite of van
[e.g.: jó volna – it would be good]
erdő – forest

beszólás; bemondás – quip; taunt; jeer
beszólni; bemondani – to quip

csúfolódás; gúnyolódás – gibe
csúfolni; kicsúfolni; kigúnyolni; sértegetni – to gibe; to ridicule; to mock


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