Hungarian quips #2


Nekem csobogsz, kispatak? [ˈnɛkem tʃobogs kiʃpɑtɑk]

Translation::: Are you babbling to me, little stream?
Meaning::: Are you talking to me, you little insignificant person?


nekem (van) – I (have)
nekem – for me; to me; me

csobogni [ˈtʃobogni] – to babble (to make a continuous murmuring noise, as shallow water running over stones)
csobogás [ˈtʃobogaːʃ] – babble (the sound of flowing water)

kis; kicsi – little; small

° °

forrás < ér < csermely < patak < folyó < folyam < tenger < óceán

forrás [ˈforaːʃ] – spring (water source)
ér [ˈeːr] – rill
csermely [ˈtʃɛrmɛj] – brooklet; rivulet; streamlet; rill; runnel
patak – stream; brook; runnel; rivulet
folyó [ˈfojoː] – river
folyam [ˈfojɑm] – big river
tenger – sea
óceán – ocean

folyni – to flow
folyik – it flows; it is flowing


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