zümi [ˈzymi] – bee (childish expression)
züm-züm [ˈzym zym] – bee (childish expression)
züm-zümm [ˈzym zymː] – buzz; hum; drone (the sound the bee make)

zümmögni [ˈzymːøɡni] – to buzz; to hum
zümmög [ˈzymːøɡ] – he/she/it buzzes/hums; he/she/it is buzzing/humming
zümmögés [ˈzymːøɡeːʃ] – buzz; humming
zümmögő [ˈzymːøɡøː] – droning; buzzing; humming

méz [ˈmeːz] – honey
méh [ˈmeːh]
1) bee
2) womb

méhe [ˈmeːhɛ] – bee (idiomatic expression)
méhecske [ˈmeːhɛtʃkɛ]
1) bee (childish expression)
2) little bee; child bee


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