Hungarian proverbs #27

Felfalta szőröstül-bőröstül.
[ˈfelfɑltɑ søːrøʃtyl bøːrøʃtyl]
(An expression you may read/hear in a lot of Hungarian folk tales.)Translation:::
He/she/it devoured him/her/it with his/her/its hair and skin.Meaning:::
He/she/it ate him/her/it completely, as a whole.


felfalni [ˈfelfɑlni] – to devour; to gobble; to gorge

szőr [ˈsøːr] – hair (on the body)
szőrme [ˈsøːrmɛ] – fur
szőrzet [ˈsøːrzɛt] – fur
bunda [ˈbunda] – fur

bőr [ˈbøːr] – skin; leather

-stul/-stül – with; including; (Sociativus)
-stól/-stől – with; including; (Sociativus – dialectical)

° °

szőröstül-bőröstül [ˈsøːrøʃtyl bøːrøʃtyl] – root and branch; neck and crop


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