So to explain, to Hungarianize, to convert the said thing to everyday Hungarian, so that the average Hungarian person could understand it. 😉

magyar [ˈmɑɟɑr] – Hungarian
magyarázni [ˈmɑɟɑraːzni] – to explain
magyaráz [ˈmɑɟɑraːz] – he/she/it is explaining; he/she/it explains
magyarázat [ˈmɑɟɑraːzɑt] – explanation
magyarán [ˈmɑɟɑraːn]  – squarely; straightforwardly; frankly; bluntly; roundly (in plain language, without mincing words)
[e.g.: magyarán mondva – frankly spoken]

megmagyarázni – to explain; to explicate; to unfold
megmagyaráz – he/she/it explains (it fully); he/she/it explicates it
megmagyarázhat – he/she can explain
megmagyarázható – explainable
megmagyarázhatatlan – unexplainable
megmagyarázhatatlanság – unexplainableness

magyarul [ˈmɑɟɑrul]
1) in Hungarian; Hungarian
[e.g.: Mit jelent ez magyarul? – What does it mean in Hungarian?]
[e.g.: Nem beszélek magyarul. – I don’t speak Hungarian.]
2) (figuratively) to put it clearly; that is (without beating about the bush)
[e.g.: Nem tartották be az ígéretüket. Magyarul hazudtak. – They did not keep their promise. That is, they lied.]

We also have magyarítani and magyarosítani, but they mean “to make sth Hungarian”. While magyarázni means “to explain”. 😉



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