You’ve got to love Hungarian! :D #17

For some people ‘strawberry‘ can only be translated into Hungarian as ‘eper‘. They say that ‘wild strawberry‘, which is smaller and grows mainly in the forest, is ‘szamóca‘ and ‘mulberry‘ is ‘szeder‘.

The others (including me) say that ‘strawberry‘ can only be ‘szamóca‘, ‘wild strawberry‘ is ‘erdei szamóca‘, ‘mulberry‘ is ‘faeper‘ and ‘blackberry‘ is ‘szeder‘.

eper [ˈɛper]
1) strawberry
2) mulberry

földi eper [ˈføldi ɛper] – wild strawberry
erdei szamóca [ˈɛrdɛi sɑmoːtsɑ] – wild strawberry
erdő [ˈɛrdøː] – forest

szamóca [ˈsɑmoːtsɑ]
1) strawberry
2) wild strawberry

..what grows on the mulberry tree can be called as ‘eper‘, ‘faeper‘ or ‘szeder‘ and the ‘mulberry tree‘ itself can be ‘eperfa‘, ‘szederfa‘ and sometimes also ‘szamócafa‘:::

eperfa [ˈɛperfɑ] – mulberry tree
faeper [ˈfɑɛper] – mulberry
fa – tree

szamócafa [ˈsɑmoːtsɑfɑ]
1) mulberry tree
2) strawberry tree

szederfa [ˈsederfɑ] – mulberry tree
szederbokor [ˈsederbokor] – mulberry bush
szeder [ˈseder]
1) blackberry
2) mulberry


So ‘szamóca‘ is ‘strawberry‘, ‘erdei szamóca‘ is ‘wild strawberry‘, ‘faeper‘ or ‘eper‘ is ‘mulberry‘ and ‘szeder‘ is ‘blackberry‘, but a lot of people uses any of these four names to name something other from this quartet 😀 ..but they are wrong, what I wrote here is the right version. 😉

Read this article, which proves me right.



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