Slang expressions #9

Neked teljesen elmentek otthonról?!

Translation::: Have they completely gone from your home?! / Have they completely left your home/house?! / Have they all left your home?!

Meaning::: Have you lost your mind?!


neked – for you; to you; you
[e.g.: Vettem neked tegnap valamit. – I bought something for you yesterday.]
[e.g.: Hozzon ez neked szerencsét. – May it bring luck to you.]
[e.g.: Neked teljesen elment az eszed? – Have you completely lost your mind?]

teljesen – completely
teljes – complete; entire; full; total
teljesíteni – to complete; to accomplish
[e.g.: Küldetés teljesítve. – Mission completed.]
1) performance
2) power

1) to leave a place; to go away
2) to be just barely good enough; to be barely okay
– Hogy vagy?
– Elmegy.

– How are you?
– I’m alright/okey.]
3) (informal) to cum; to come (to have an orgasm)
4) (euphemistic) to pass away; to die

ott – there
otthon – home
(e.g.: Szeretek otthon lenni. – I like to be at home.)
[The speaker is away from his home now.]

itt – here
itthon – home; at home
(e.g.: Szeretek itthon lenni. – I like to be here at home.)


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