szakállas vicc

– Ismered a viccet az osztrák énekesnőről?
– Nem!?
– Pedig szakállas… 😀

– Do you know the joke about the Austrian female singer?
– No!?
– But it is so old…
(Literally::: But it is bearded… :D)


szakáll – beard
szakállas – bearded
szakállas vicc – a really old joke that everyone knows; stale joke the joke is that old, that it has a beard 😉

ismerni – to know (be acquainted or familiar with)

vicc – joke
favicc – anti-joke; a joke that is not (really) funny
viccel – he/she is joking
viccelni – to joke

osztrák – Austrian (person; language, …)
Ausztria – Austria

énekesnő – female singer
énekes – male singer

pedig –

° °

Eurovíziós Dalfesztivál – Eurovision Song Contest
dal – song
fesztivál – festival

° ° °

There is a phrase in Hungarian::: töke van a menyasszonynak can be translated as::: The bride has a penis.
..and it means that::: She is a he.

We use that phrase to name women that are in fact men, but they are dressed as women. 😀


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