Slang expressions #10



Translation::: He is getting/becoming Mickey Mouse.

Meaning::: He is getting bald. (in the way that is shown on the photo)


kopaszodni – to be getting bald
kopaszodik – he/she is getting bald
kopasz – bald
tar – bald

hullani – to fall
hull a haja – he/she is getting bald
(Literally::: his/her hair is falling)

hajhullás – loss of hair; alopecia; hair-falling
haj – hair (on the head)
hajatlan – hairless; bald

bőrhajú – bald
(Literally::: his/her hair is made of skin)
bőrfejű – skinhead
(Literally::: his/her head is made of skin)
bőrfej – skinhead
bőr – skin; leather
fej – head

Miki egér – Mickey Mouse
Mickey egér – Mickey Mouse


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