You’ve got to love Hungarian! :D #22

Egy hold föld a Marson.
[ˈɛɟ ˈhold ˈføld ˈɑ ˈmɑrʃon]

Literally::: One moon earth on Mars.

Translation::: One acre on Mars.

1) moon
2) acre; unit of surface area, originally meant the same as acre, has different kinds ranging from 3500 m^2 to 8400 m^2 (also as ‘egy hold föld’)

1) soil
2) land
3) land surface; ground
4) dirt
5) Earth


Százholdas Pagony is the place where Winnie-the-Pooh lives.
Százholdas Pagony – Hundred Acre Wood
száz – hundred
pagony – a really old Hungarian word for a (young) forest or place with (small) trees, sometimes also with swamps or places with water


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