magánhangzó & mássalhangzó

magánhangzó – vowel
(Literally::: can make a sound alone)

magában hangzó –> magánhangzó
magában hangzó – can make a sound alone
magában hangzó hang – a sound that can make a sound alone 😀


mássalhangzó – consonant
(Literally::: can make a sound only when combined with something else)

° °

1) you (formal, singular)
2) himself; herself; itself

1) private
[e.g.: Magántulajdon. – Private property.]
2) on you (formal, singular)
[e.g.: De szép kalap van magán! – What a beautiful hat you have, sir!]

1) by himself/herself/itself (without anyone’s help)
2) alone (without anyone around)
1) someone else; something else
2) other; different
mással – with someone else; with something else

hangzani – to sound
hangzik – sounds
[e.g.: Jól hangzik. – It sounds good.]

1) vocal; sonant
2) sounding

1) sound
2) voice
[e.g.: Gyönyörű hangod van! – You have a beautiful voice!]


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