napszúrás – sunstroke
(Literally::: the stuck/tingle/tilt/thrust of the sun)

napszúrást kapni – to get a sunstroke; to get a touch of the sun
napszúrásos – sunstruck
szúrni – to stick; to thrust; to stab
szúrás – stuck; tingle; tilt; thrust

napsütés – sunshine
süt a nap – the sun is shining

napozni – to sunbathe
[e.g.: Napozik. – He/she is sunbathing.]

napbarna – suntan
napbarnított – suntanned; sunburnt
(Literally::: made brown by the sun)
barna – brown
Barna; Barnabás – male first name

napkrém – sun cream; sunscreen; sun milk suntain oil
napolaj – suntain oil; sun milk; sunscreen; suncream
naptej – sun milk; sunscreen; sun cream; suntain oil
1) sun
2) day
olaj – oil
tej – milk

napernyő – sunshade; parasol


nyár – summer
nyáron – at summer
nyaralni – to be on summer holiday

telelni – to be on winter holiday
tél – winter


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