helyszín vs. színhely

helyszín vs. színhely

helyszín – locale; locality; premise; spot
színhely – scene; locale

‘színhely’ is used to name a place where something concrete/particular thing happens in a story, novel, movie etc. In a book/movie you can read/hear in the beginning of a story or a new scene “színhely: (writer/narrator describing the place and the atmosphere, so the scene)”.

‘helyszín’ can be used for any place, but also can be used to name the place that is called ‘színhely’. 😀
For example if you are organizing an event, you write where it will take place after the word ‘Helyszín: ‘.

It is hard to explain the difference between these two words. Some people would say that there is no difference, they mean the same, but some (including me) would say that they are not the same.
I was trying to find some info on these two words and they relation, but didn’t find any useful info, only that ‘színhely’ cannot be used for as many places as ‘helyszín’.
I myself would say that the ‘színhely’ describes more precisely the scene (place, atmosphere, feelings, colors, …), and ‘helyszín’ only names the place.


1) color
2) scene

színtér – scene; stage
színpad – stage (in a theatre or at a concert)
színház – theatre

1) place; stand; spot; location; locality
2) space; room

° °

bűn – sin; vice; guilt
bűntett; bűntény – crime
bűnügy – case
bűnügyi helyszín – crime scene


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