Piros Arany

The Piros Arany and Gulyáskrém are pepper pastes made from minced hot paprika, the Piros Arany on this photo is not as hot as the Gulyáskrém.

piros – red
arany – gold
1) a herdsman
2) Goulash, a traditional Hungarian dish, a thick soup made of meat and potatoes, spiced with paprika.

gulya – herd (of cows)

csípős – hot (spicy)
1) to pinch
2) to sting (bee, nettle); bite (mosquito); peck (bird)
3) to nip; cut (wind); burn (spice)

csemege – mild; sweet; “not hot (spicy)”

ételízesítő – seasoning; food spicer
étel – food
ízesítő – flavourer; seasoner
ízesíteni – to season; to flavour;
ízes – spicy; tasty
íz – taste; flavour

fűszer – spice


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