Vásárfia is a little present brought from the market or fair. Literally the word means ‘son of the market/fair’. Back in the old times the father or some elder member of the family came home from the fair and gave a present bought there to some other member of the family saying ‘Hoztam neked vásárfiát,’, which means ‘I brought to you some present from the fair’.


1) fair; market (smaller)
2) sale; bargain

vásárolni – to buy
1) to buy
2) to take

° °

The word ‘vasárnap’ (Sunday) probably comes from the word ‘vásárnap’, which means ‘fair day’. In the old times the fairs used to be held on Sunday.

vásárnap –> vasárnap

a vásár napja – the day of the fair
1) day
2) sun

° ° °

fiú – boy
fia – his/her son

ajándék – present; gift; donation
adomány – donation
adományozni – to donate
adni – to give


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