főtt kukorica

főtt kukorica – boiled corn; cooked corn; corn on the cob


1) boiled
2) cooked

1) cooked
2) boiled off

kukorica – corn; maize
kukoricacső – corncob

° °

1) to cook
2) to brew (e.g. beer)

1) (intransitive) to boil; to be on the boil; to simmer
[e.g.: Forr a víz! – The water is boiling!]
2) (by extension) to be seething (with rage, anger)
[e.g.: Forr benne a düh. – He is seething with anger.]
3) (obsolete) to spring up (emerges from the ground like springwater)

1) very hot
2) boiling


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