Hungarian phrases #4

Sárgul az irigységtől.

[ˈʃaːrgul ɑz iriɟʃeːgtøːl]

Translation::: He/she is (shining) yellow from envy.
Meaning::: He/she is green with envy.


sárga – yellow
sárgulni – to become yellow; to turn yellow; to yellow
[e.g.: Sárgulnak a levelek. – The leaves are turning yellow.]

irigység – envy; enviousness
irigyelni – to envy
irigykedni – to be envious; to envy (for a shorter time)
[e.g.: Irigykedve néztem milyen jól áll rajta az a ruha. – I was watching with envy how good she looked with that piece of clothes on her.]

irigy – envious
Sometimes it is pronounced as irígy, írigy or írígy. It doesn’t matter that much how you pronounce it, but it always should be written as irigy.


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