You’ve got to love Hungarian! :D #29


vér [ˈveːr] – blood
véres [ˈveːreʃ] – bloody; with blood
veres [ˈvereʃ] – red (archaic and/or dialectical)
vörös [ˈvørøʃ] – red
vérvörös [ˈveːrvørøʃ] – red as blood
pírvörös [ˈpiːrvørøʃ] – red (archaic)
piros [ˈpiroʃ] – red (somewhat lighter red)

bíborvörös [ˈbiːborvørøʃ] – magenta
rőt [ˈrøːt] – reddish; rusty; foxy; tawny; sorrel
tűzpiros [ˈtyːzpiroʃ] – fiery red
rozsdavörös [ˈroʒdɑvørøʃ] – rost red; ferruginous; rusty
bordó [ˈbordoː] – maroon


pír [ˈpiːr] – blush; ruddiness; suffusion


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